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Bushfire Management Plan – Bushfire Risk Management

Development proposals that include an area of native vegetation within either the residual lot or as a community title lot, require a Bushfire Plan of Management, (sometimes referred to as a Bushfire Risk Management Plan and also commonly called a ‘Bushfire Management Plan’).

Bushfire Plans of Management limit the potential bushfire risk to surrounding properties.

A Bushfire Management Plan documents the roles and responsibilities for the future management of an area, so as to not increase the potential bushfire risk to surrounding properties. One possible example is where a riparian corridor is retained for ecological benefits surrounded by residential lots. Another is where a larger project such as a mine site has significant residual land to offset the impacts of the proposed mine, and this residual land poses a bushfire hazard and must be managed.

Section 63 of the Rural Fires Act outlines the legislative requirements to ensure a bushfire does not escape from your land and affect other properties. The scale of a bushfire plan of management  will depend upon the scope of the individual development proposal.

Why Molino Stewart is Your Best Choice Consultant

Using our extensive understanding of bushfire risk management and ecology, Molino Stewart can not only assess bushfire risk, but also develop plans of management for existing and new developments. We have experience in the preparation of Bushfire Management Plans for a range of residential, commercial and industrial developments and our staff are very familiar with the NSW Rural Fire Service requirements for preparing such plans of management.

Also, as a consultancy that specialises in natural hazards and environmental management, we are better equiped to incorporate the ecological objectives of retaining native vegetation and the requirements to minimise potential bushfire risks in developing management Plans. This can result in a better outcome for both clients and the environment and also add value to a development. We are also expert in assessing all aspects of floodplain risk management and if required, can perform flood and bushfire risks assessments simultaneously.

Some Examples of our Work on Bush Fire Plans of Management 

We assessed bushfire risks for three proposed school upgrades in areas with significant bushfire risks and high ecological values including endangered ecological communities, for the Catholic Education Office. We negotiated controls and building designs which satisfied school function, bushfire safety and ecological conservation requirements, and helped maximise the amenity in the projects.

St. Michaels Catholic Primary School Bushfire and Flood Assessment

(Catholic Education Office). We prepared a Bushfire and Flood Assessment Report for the construction of a Learning Space Building at the school.

Bushfire Risk Managenment Assessment in Lane Cove

Questions had been raised about the suitability of an area in northern Sydney for multi-storey unit development because of its proximity to urban bushland and the associated bushfire risks. This study involved mapping of the precinct bushfire risks, development controls and road hierarchy to determine which areas were not suitable for urban consolidation because of bushfire, which were unconstrained by the bushfire risk, which could be readily redeveloped with appropriate bushfire management measures and which were marginal because of the impact of bushfire controls and development controls of the developable property envelope.

Flood and Bushfire Emergency Response Planning North Richmond (NRJV)

We evaluated the bushfire and flood risks and evacuation planning requirements for a proposed 2,000 lot development including aged care facilities.

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