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Bushfire Hazard Assessments

Do you require a Bush-fire hazard assessment? Molino Stuart is a Corporate Member of the Fire Protection Authority and our bushfire specialist Stephen Cotter is accredited to BPAD 3, which is the highest level of accreditation under the BPAD scheme, so you can be confident that any information we provided regarding bush-fire assessments will be of the highest professional standard.

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What is a Bush Fire Hazard Assessment?

Remove Fire Hazards in the Building Protection Zone

Remove Fire Hazards in the Building Protection Zone

A bush-fire hazard assessment assesses the bush fire hazards on and surrounding your property,  for a distance of up to 140 meters, and whether your development application meets performance criteria in planning for bush fire protection.

A Bushfire Hazard Assessment is required to accompany development applications for single dwellings under s.79BA of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). A Bushfire Hazard Assessment is also required for a subdivision or any development that would be considered as a Special Fire Protection Purpose development under s.91A of the EP&A Act, and concurrent issuance of a Bushfire Safety Authority under s.100B of the Rural Fires Act is also required.

A bushfire hazard assessment and report is required where any part of the development allotment is within bushfire prone land as mapped by the local government authorities and Councils, as requiring a Development application to be submitted for review. A Bushfire Hazard Assessment is also required where a development site does not satisfy the criteria under the SEPP Exempt and Complying Development Code, or where an alternate solution is proposed to reduce the construction costs for high risk environments.

A final situation where a Bushfire Hazard Assessment will be required is for existing dwellings that were construction before the introduction of Planning for Bushfire Protection. These dwellings do not satisfy the intent of measures. Any additions or extensions to these dwellings is considered In-Fill Development and may require special considerations, particularly for residential lots that cannot achieve the minimum asset protection zones as specified in the legislation.

Confused or have questions? See our FAQ on BAL certificates and Bushfire Hazard Assessments or contact our office now to discuss your Bushfire Hazard Assessment needs on 9354 0300.

79BA Single Dwelling Bushfire Risk Assessment

Detailed bushfire reports are provided for clients who wish to construct new dwellings or additions to an existing dwelling in bushfire prone areas as required under s.79BA of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standard 3959-2009, ‘Building in Bushfire Prone Areas’.

A bush-fire risk assessment identifies whether or not there are bushfire hazards on your property,  which you should be managing to reduce the exposure of your assets and those of your neighbours to damage caused by a bushfire. During the bush fire danger period, a permit is  required if you’re planning to burn off a hazard, but please note, a burning off permit may be suspended, for example when there is a total fire ban in your area.

100B Sub-divisions, Special Fire Protection & Alternate Solutions

Planning for Bushfire Protection

Molino Stewart conducts Bushfire Reports in consultation with various stakeholders, planners, council and clients for sub-divisions, extensions, alterations and new builds where special fire protection purposes are required (e.g. schools, hospitals, nursing homes), in bushfire prone areas as required under s.100B of the Rural Fires Act 1997 and in conjunction with s. 91 Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, ensuring compliance with the BCA and AS3959-2009 Building in Bushfire Prone Areas and Planning for Bushfire Protection.

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