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Biodiversity Offset Assessments

The Biodiversity Offset Scheme (BOS) is a framework governing development and clearing activities in NSW.

Developers are obligated to assess the biodiversity impact of their proposals, quantified and given value through a calculated transfer of ecosystem and species credits. 

When development impacts are unavoidable, our team can facilitate the offsetting process by producing Biodiversity Offset Assessments, whereby we calculate the number of ecosystem and species credits required to be purchased to offset any impacts of development. This is a crucial process under the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (BOS) in NSW.

Our services ensure comprehensive development applications that fully address biodiversity impacts and aid developers in aligning with regulatory requirements.

Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements

Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements (BSAs), recorded on title, produce biodiversity credits for direct sale to offsetting developers, government bodies, and other conservation-oriented entities.

We enable the establishment of Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements (BSAs) on properties with a high level of ecological value, fostering habitat conservation and generating biodiversity credits.


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Some examples of recent projects include:

Hambledon Road Extension Property Valuation Ecological Assessments

Blacktown City Council - Cities Power PartnershipBlacktown City Council proposed upgrades to Hambledon Road, Schofields. The proposed upgrades included the construction of a new 26 m wide, 3.6 km long, four-lane divided road between Schofields Road and Garfield Road East. To facilitate the development of the proposed roadway upgrade, private land occurring within 20 lots (19 properties) had to be acquired. In addition, land to support SP2 – Drainage and RE1 – Public Recreation zoned reserves had to be acquired.

Prior to the purchasing of land, the biodiversity values of each of the 20 properties had to be assessed to assist in the determination of any constraints and or opportunities to their development or conservation potential.

Molino Stewart was engaged by Blacktown City Council to prepare Ecological Assessment Reports for each of the 20 Lots (19 properties). The objective of these reports was to identify any ecological constraints that would affect the land value determined during the acquisition of private land. This assisted in determining the property value of the land to be acquired.

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