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Environmental Evaluations

Environmental Evaluations can be done on a Desktop

A hallmark of our environmental evaluations is the preparation of an evaluation plan in negotiation with the client. The environmental evaluation plan guides the evaluation process and the evaluation report. Our environmental evaluators have been trained by the Australasian Evaluation Society to provide ensure ethical and high quality evaluations.

Our evaluators have designed and implemented numerous quantitative and qualitative evaluations of environmental education programs, environmental grant programs, waste management programs, sustainability and water management plan implementation, providing the analysis and results for agencies to improve effectiveness and decision making.

Expert environmental evaluation consultants, some examples of our projects include:

Evaluation of the Pesticides Training Program.

We evaluated the effectiveness and appropriateness of the pesticides training program for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) growers in the Sydney Basin. We employed translators to survey growers and interviewed program managers, trainers and bilingual liaison officers in the evaluation. We wrote a detailed report on findings that included providing recommendations to improve the program.

Evaluation of Zero Waste SA’s Financial Incentive Schemes.

We conducted a quantitative and qualitative review of the effectiveness of Zero Waste SA’s financial incentive schemes. We also reviewed the effectiveness and appropriateness of its grant administration procedures. We wrote a detailed report on the findings of the review and recommended improvements to the schemes.

Evaluation of the Business Schools Sustainability Project Stage 2

We developed an evaluation framework with the Australian Research Institute in Education for Sustainability (ARIES). We interviewed university business school staff, Heads of Schools, NSW agency and ARIES staff to assess and verify outcomes, learnings and effectiveness of project that aimed to build education about and for sustainability in Australian university business schools.

Review of Sydney Catchment Authority’s Assistance Schemes.

We conducted extensive evaluation with stakeholders and staff of existing Sydney Catchment Authority’s grant and incentive schemes. The stakeholders interviewed included farmers, local council staff and rural residential landowners. Based on the findings of the evaluation, we developed a plan to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness of the schemes.

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