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Flood & Natural Hazard Consulting

Molino Stewart are arguably Australia’s leading firm of flood and natural hazard consultants. We have a wealth of experience in these areas, and our expertise is internationally recognised. Scan the visual menu for more information about our core Flood and natural hazard consulting services.

We have a wealth of experience dealing with flood and other natural hazards.  We have particular expertise in warning systems, evacuation analysis and emergency response planning, community resilience education and post event evaluations. We also publish Australia’s leading newsletter for Floodplain Managers, Floodplain Manager, as well as This Week in Disaster Resilience, a weekly update for Emergency Management Professionals around the world.

Our reputation in natural hazard and disaster management means we are highly sought after to present lectures and papers at international and national conferences. Our active participation in the Floodplain Management Association, The International Emergency Management Society and The International Advisory Board of the Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience; plus our networking with Australian and international research organisations; means we remain abreast of all the latest research and best practice advancements in natural hazards management.

For competitive, expert, flood, natural hazard, environmental or ecological consulting services in Sydney phone Molino Stewart on +612 9354 0300

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