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Preclearance Surveys and Supervision

Fauna pre-clearing survey services may be required as conditions of development consent, particularly where vegetation clearing may impact native animals & sensitive habitats.

Molino Stewart specialises in pre-clearing inspection and supervision services, ensuring the construction programs are conducted smoothly and without any risk to the environment. Our goal is to minimise risks and mitigate potential impacts on native fauna, flora, and habitats throughout the development process.

Thorough Environmental Assessment with Preclearing Surveys

A Preclearing Survey is a crucial step before any vegetation removal or environmental modification for development. Our expert ecologists are trained to identify and mark significant ecological elements, including any plants which have been identified for retention, potential fauna habitat, protected flora and fauna, and construction environmental no-go zones / works boundaries.


Pre-clearing Survey Report

A Preclearing Survey Report is completed following the Preclearing Survey. This report outlines all of the findings of the survey including:

  • Descriptions of the presence of threatened flora species, trees designated for retention, and environmental no-go zones.
  • Description of the presence or evidence of fauna species, including threatened fauna species within the subject area.
  • Locations of potential habitat features marked during the Preclearing Surveys.
  • Recommended actions to avoid potential harm to fauna during clearing works, including protocols for staged clearing of vegetation, and safe tree felling techniques.
  • Measures to avoid disturbance to surrounding vegetation during clearance works.
  • Measures to avoid the spread of weeds and pathogens.

Clearing Supervision

Our ecologists are trained fauna spotter catchers and are adept at identifying and safeguarding wildlife at risk from construction activities. Our pre-clearance surveys may include:

  • Surveys for evidence of the presence (including fresh scats, scratches and remains of prey) of fauna, 
  • Identifying the presence of any threatened raptor (bird of prey) nests,
  • Identification of hollow-bearing trees, logs, and existing nest boxes.

Fauna rescue involves capturing and relocating animals to safer environments.

Post-clearing Certification Letters

Post-clearance, our ecologists generate detailed clearing certification reports that outline survey outcomes, any fauna rescue efforts, and any recorded fauna injuries. These reports ensure transparency and accountability.

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