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This Week in Disaster Resilience 17th July 2020

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Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Recent emergencies/disasters

India – Floods and Landslides in Arunachal Pradesh Leave 8 Dead

Indonesia – 5 Major Flood Incidents During First Days of July

Brazil – Thousands Displaced as Rivers Overflow in Rio Grande Do Sul

China floods: Over 140 dead as Yangtze River bursts banks

Assam Flood Situation Worsens; 44 Dead, Over 13 Lakh Affected

Turkey – 1 Dead, 3 Missing After Flash Floods in Artvin Province

Nepal – Dozens Dead or Missing After Heavy Rain Triggers Floods and Landslides

Heavy rains and flooding hit large parts of Asia

10 killed, 46 missing as flash floods hit central Indonesia

Turkey – More Deadly Flash Floods in North East After 272mm of Rain in Rize Province

India – Flooding Affects Over 2 Million in North East

Malaysia – Over 200 Evacuate After Flash Floods in Negeri Sembilan

Turkey – 1 Dead, 3 Missing After Flash Floods in Artvin Province

‘A third of Bangladesh underwater’ after heavy rains, floods

Bangladesh – Floods in 15 Districts Affect Almost 1.4 Million

Pakistan – Deadly Flash Floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

South Korea – Deadly Flash Floods After 277mm of Rain in South Gyeongsang

Indonesia – Floods in South Sulawesi Leave at Least 16 Dead

Italy – Severe Floods in Palermo, Sicily, After Torrential Rain

Colombia – Thousands Affected by Flooding After Weeks of Rain

Volcanic activity worldwide 16 Jul 2020: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Karymsky, Ibu, Reventador

Monsoon Rains Pummel South Asia, Displacing Millions

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

China braces for more rainstorms over weekend, climate change blamed

June sees more global heat, especially in Arctic Siberia

Responding to the changing climate in the built environment

As permafrost thaws under intense heat, Russia’s Siberia burns — again

Reconciling theory with the reality of African heatwaves

Why Africa’s heatwaves are a forgotten impact of climate change

Earth Could Hit Critical Climate Threshold in Next Five Years

Climate change: what Antarctica’s ‘doomsday glacier’ means for the planet

Climate Explained: What the World Was Like the Last Time Carbon Dioxide Levels Were at 400ppm

COVID-19, climate and resilience

New climate predictions assess global temperatures in coming five years

World’s largest study shows carbon pricing reduces emissions

June 2020: third-hottest June on record

Soaring methane emissions threaten to put climate change goals out of reach

Quaternary glaciation in the Mediterranean mountains: a new synthesis

Glacial Contributions to 21st Century Sea Level Rise

Potential impacts of climate change on water resources and adaptation policies in the Brahmaputra River basin

Sea level rise Mauritius: Relocation as a prospective solution

Siberia heatwave was ‘almost impossible’ without climate change, scientists say

Disaster risk reduction

Help build the AIDR handbook collection

Challenges and technical advances in Flood Early Warning Systems (FEWSs)

Multiple benefits of DRR investment

Prescribed Burning in Australasia Book Launch

Evaluating the impacts of the CRC

Cost-Effective Prescribed Burning Solutions Vary Between Landscapes in Eastern Australia

Don’t just blame God for floods and landslides

A ground-up approach to estimate the likelihood of business interruption

New equation ‘could predict earthquakes better’ say Edinburgh experts

Chance of big San Andreas earthquake increased by Ridgecrest temblors, study suggests

UK flood and coastal erosion risk management: policy statement

Evidence review of the concept of flood resilience

How does advanced technology save lives in China’s flood-prone areas?

Record floods raise questions about China’s Three Gorges Dam

New research into Hull’s 2007 floods has given many residents the chance to share their experiences for the first time

Exploring new ways to manage the devastation caused by floods

Stochastic simulation of streamflow and spatial extremes: a continuous, wavelet-based approach

Experts decry Tory policy that fails to ban new-builds in UK areas at high risk of flooding

Inchworm-like source evolution through a geometrically complex fault fueled persistent supershear rupture during the 2018 Palu Indonesia earthquake

Spatio-temporal and hazard mapping of Earthquake in UAE (1984–2012): Remote sensing and GIS application

Geospatial intelligence revolution in insurance and risk management

The Case for ‘Managed Retreat’

Risk-informed development: from crisis to resilience

Emergency management

Nepal: Preparing for floods during a lockdown

40:40:20 – Balancing the gender ratio

New research to support wellbeing of young volunteers

Wearing a mask cuts own risk of novel coronavirus by 65 percent, experts say

South Australian firefighters to face upcoming fire season with more trucks, improved equipment

Immunity to Covid-19 could be lost in months, UK study suggests

China floods: ‘wartime’ measures brought in to tackle worst deluge in decades

Lessons from the 1918 pandemic: A U.S. city’s past may hold clues

How can we make disaster management evaluations more useful? An empirical study of Dutch exercise evaluations

Development of an Integrated Pathways Model of Factors Influencing the Progress of Recovery After a Disaster

China has just contained the coronavirus. Now it’s battling some of the worst floods in decades

Hurricane Season Is About to Collide With COVID

Côte d’Ivoire: Weather data helps authorities respond to deadly floods in Abidjan

Monsoon-induced disasters occur every year but authorities ill-prepared to handle them

Creation of a Model for Estimating the Home-return Rate of Evacuees Using Mobile Phone Movement Histories and Its Application to the Nankai Trough Earthquake

UN helps monsoon-affected river communities in Bangladesh before peak flooding

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Citizen science as a catalyst for community resilience building: A two-phase tsunami case study

Volunteered Geographic Information for people-centred severe weather early warning: A literature review

Patterns of population displacement during mega-fires in California detected using Facebook Disaster Maps

A content analysis case study of media and public trust in Japan: After the quake

Building Disaster Resilience with Social Messaging Networks: WeChat community in Houston during Hurricane Harvey

Iowa Flood Information System

Multidisciplinary approach to COVID-19 risk communication: A framework and tool for individual and regional risk assessment

Students and teachers from across Australia will once again have the opportunity to participate in a NASA sponsored international science and education program

Psychology and disasters

Pandemic Hurts Student Mental Health

How Wildfires Have Triggered A Spike In Domestic Violence In Australia

Sociology and disasters

Critiquing and Joining Intersections of Disaster, Conflict, and Peace Research

Disease hotspots flourish when the city meets the country

Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How

Social capital’s role in humanitarian crises’s_role_in_humanitarian_crises

The Mediating Effect of Community Leadership on Community Resilience Elements and Community Preparedness

Community Cohesion at Times of Crises and/or Disaster: An examination of The Grenfell Tower Fire: What Lessons may be learnt?

COVID-19 trigger to re-examine resilience

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