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School Infrastructure NSW Biodiversity Due Diligence Assessment for Pre-Kindergarten Feasibility

Molino Stewart forms part of the School Infrastructure NSW (SINWS) Environmental Services Due Diligence Panel. This is a group of specialists completing due diligence assessments for SINSW development projects. All development projects require consideration of environmental aspects. By completing due diligence assessments ahead of commencing the planning process the whole process can be streamlined and things like revisiting the drawings for alterations can be avoided.

Our area of expertise as a panel member is in biodiversity. When undertaking biodiversity assessments we review biodiversity information and mapping to develop an understanding of the ecology on the site. Based on the findings we draw up a constraints map outlining areas of biodiversity constraints and indicate what policies, guidelines and recommendations need to be considered when planning development on each specific site.  The constraints map is intended to steer the development away from areas that contain valuable biodiversity features and be used to find the optimal outcome that considers all environmental and developmental aspects. Since late 2022  we have already completed 15 due diligence reports, and there are many more to come.

Molino Stewart