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Mid Western Roadside Vegetation Management Plan

Molino Stewart recently produced an updated Roadside Vegetation Management Plan (RVMP) for Mid-Western Regional Council. The plan promotes the protection and enhancement of roadside ecological, conservation, and community values, whilst facilitating the development of a safe and effective road network throughout the Mid-Western Regional Local Government Area.

Roadside reserves are a type of linear reserve which account for a significant proportion (approximately 4%) of the total land area of NSW. They provide habitats and refuges for a range of flora and fauna, including threatened species and endangered ecological communities. Roadside reserves also provide important social, cultural and economic values. Linear and roadside reserves are increasingly being seen as strategic landscape corridors and part of large-scale connectivity projects.

Molino Stewart’s approach to developing the update of the RVMP and associated documents incorporated the team’s extensive ecological knowledge and expertise into a comprehensive review of roadside environments and recommendations for their management.

The completed RVMP provides easy to follow guidelines that promote the consistent, high-quality management of vegetation and environmental values within the Mid-Western Regional LGA’s roadside reserves. The plan provides a strategic framework to guide management actions within the road reserves and links these with current Council systems and planning initiatives.

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