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Flood Protection Devices:

Several links are provided below to companies manufacturing demountable flood defence devices that are available in Australia. These devices are designed to keep floodwater out of your property or building. This section is designed for your information only, and does not constitute an endorsement of any product by Molino Stewart. Molino Stewart recommends that potential purchasers seek advice from a structural engineer and their local council before installing any flood protection devices.


Brotherhood of St Laurence: FloodSax: The modern sandbag
Tel: +61 3 9380 7850
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.floodsax.com.au

Or download the FloodSax brochures for Home and Commercial premises here.


Floodgate Australia BAUER Civil Products
Tel: 02 9955 1192 Tel: 07 3310 8840
Fax:02 9460 6877 Fax: 07 3310 8841
Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]
Web: www.floodgateaustralia.com  Web: www.demflood.com 


Flood Barriers Australia Blobel Environmental Engineering
Tel: 02 9918 7013 Tel: 02 9369 3504
Fax: 02 9918 3189 Fax: 02 9369 3504
Email: [email protected]  Email: [email protected]
Web: www.harrymansson.com  Web: www.blobel.com
Web: www.geodesign.se 


Bluemont Pty Ltd: Fire & Flood
Tel: 02 9091 0360
Web: http://www.bluemont.com.au/flood-prevention/
Email: [email protected]


Bulbeck EnviroSolutions
Tel: 02 4957 2886
Email: [email protected]


SES Business FloodSafe Toolkit:

Molino Stewart developed the Floodsafe toolkit for the NSW and VIC State Emergency Services. They allow business owners and managers to quickly and easily prepare a business flood plan. The NSW SES Floodsafe Toolkit won the 2005 NSW Safer Communities Award, and was highly commended at the 2005 Australian Safer Communities Awards in Canberra.

Two versions of the toolkit have now been developed; one for riverine flooding, and the other for flash flooding. Both can be downloaded from the NSW SES website. Examples of Community FloodSafe guides for specific and general locations can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. Being FloodSafe is not only restricted to businesses, but is also important in the home. For more information on how to prepare a Home Emergency Flood Kit, click on the link below.

NSW Business Floodsafe Toolkit: including the Damage Calculator, Business Floodsafe Plan Guide, and Business Floodsafe Plan template.

Community FloodSafe Guides: including general, rural and local NSW FloodSafe guides.

Home Emergency Kit: including a detailed guide and downloadable fridge magnet.

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