Floodplain Manager May 2019

Editorial It was great catching up with so many of you at the recent Floodplain Management Australia (FMA) conference and to hear of the advances which are being made on so many fronts. I was particularly pleased to see the Bureau of Meteorology and NSW SES working with local communities […] Read more »

Floodplain Manager April 2019

Editorial It is great to see that the Brisbane River Strategic Floodplain Management Plan has been released.  This is a high level document which will guide future local floodplain management plans but it provides catchment wide consistency which is necessary in floodplain planning.  Amongst its recommendations are structural flood mitigation […] Read more »

Floodplain Manager March 2019

Editorial A 2016 Australian survey found that real estate agents ranked 28 out of 30 in the list of professions we trust.  That is why I was surprised this month that an education program in the US is targeting real estate agents to inform potential home buyers of an area’s […] Read more »

Floodplain Manager February 2019

Editorial The Townsville floods dominate this edition of Floodplain Manager and rightly so. Our thoughts go out to all of those who have been impacted by the event. It has been interesting, however, to read how the popular media has liberally used the term “unprecedented” to describe the rainfall event […] Read more »

Floodplain Manager December 2018 / January 2019

Editorial When I published the first edition of Floodplain Manager in February 2005 it was a bit of an experiment borne out of frustration.  I had been invited to attend a few national forums on flooding and was surprised to see that many practitioners around the country were not aware […] Read more »

Editorial October 2018

Research shows that coastal-living Australians rate the risk of tsunami inundation far lower than other natural hazard risk such as flooding and bushfires. This is the case even though there has been significant destruction wrought by tsunamis in the Asia-Pacific region including the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the recent […] Read more »

Editorial September 2018

More and more research is being published which suggests that flooding in Australia is on a long term trend to get worse and we report on several papers in relation to that in this month’s issue. It is in this context that I find some statements made around flooding in […] Read more »

Editorial August 2018

It is great to see that two indigenous Australians are getting further recognition for the bravery they displayed more than 150 years ago saving the lives of scores of people from the flood which devastated Gundagai in 1852.  While the death toll of 89 remains our highest in a flood […] Read more »

Editorial July 2018

As drought grips large swathes of Australia, my attention was drawn to the impacts of recent flooding in Japan. While that country appears to be well prepared and drilled for the frequent earthquakes which it experiences, it seems to have been caught unaware by the magnitude of the flooding and […] Read more »

Editorial May 2018

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