This Week in Disaster Resilience 28th February 2020

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Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Recent emergencies/disaster

9 dead in Turkey after magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes western Iran

Parts of Jakarta continue to be flooded this rainy season

Flood-hit communities brace for more torrential downpours as winter storms continue to ravage Britain

Peru – 3 Killed in Tacna Flash Floods

South Africa – Deadly Flash Floods in KwaZulu-Natal

Ecuador – Rain Triggers Flooding in 3 Provinces

Indonesia – Deadly Flash Floods in Yogyakarta

Bolivia – Evacuations and Rescues After Flash Floods in Cochabamba

Malawi – Floods in Lilongwe After Heavy Rain

Peru – Massive Flooding and Mudslides in Cusco Leave 3 Dead, 20 Missing

Flash floods hit Jakarta

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

These floods bear all the hallmarks of climate change

New Source of Climate Pressure for Companies: Workers

Thousands rally across Australia for climate justice

Getting to zero net emissions in 2050 is going to be tough

It’s Official: Chicago Has Declared a Climate Emergency. Now What

After a summer of mega-fires, the dramatic shift in thinking about climate change has not come from the public, or from politicians. It has come from business

New government data shows slight drop in Australia's emissions, amid new coal fight

Meeting climate change targets has for the first time emerged as a greater priority for voters than keeping energy prices down

World’s top climate negotiator condemns Australian response to climate change

'Extraordinary' fires burnt at historical size, beyond climate projections

Catastrophic fires have generated intensified public responses in favour of transformative climate change action

Under attack from climate change, Colombia's farmers befriend nature

The last ice age tells us why we need to care about a 2℃ change in temperature

On climate change, where does Tampa Bay go from here?

Why Climate Change and Poverty Are Inextricably Linked

Antarctica's Eagle Island undergoes large-scale snowmelt as February sees new high temperatures

Bohai Bay: the Chinese region disappearing inch by inch

Australia needs to commit to target of net-zero emissions by 2050,13633#.XlbJo_Ow9VA.twitter

Australia is heating faster than the global average, and extreme heat days are on the rise. Doctors say there’s clear evidence that it’s killing people prematurely

Disaster risk reduction

Christchurch nine years on: The reshaping of a city

More than 11,000 homes in England to be built on land at high risk of flooding

UK flood defence plans are inadequate, warn scientists

Unprecedented burn area of Australian mega forest fires

The Pitt review predicted the current crisis in 2008. Why did Conservative governments refuse to listen?

Environment Agency chief: Avoid building new homes on flood plains

Chief Resilience Officers from around the world announce the evolution and expansion of the Global Resilient Cities Network

The US government insurance scheme for nuclear power plant accidents no longer makes sense

'Teamwork' helps city businesses during floods

Emergency management

Economic impact of coronavirus outbreak deepens

Many Tornado Alley Residents With Disabilities Lack Safe Options In A Storm

United States Firefighting Resources Mobilized to Australia

To Survive Disaster, Plan for the Worst

Information needed from flood-hit Shrewsbury businesses to help lobby for support

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Study finds quarter of climate change tweets from bots

Got a Google Maps link on floods? Careful, it’s misinformation, says BNPB

Psychology and Disasters

A new bushfire crisis is emerging as experts brace for an imminent surge in domestic violence

Sociology and disasters

Survival Of The Friendliest: How Our Close Friendships Help Us Thrive

Is Vulnerability an Outdated Concept? After Subjects and Spaces

Natural Hazards and Disaster Justice


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