This Week in Disaster Resilience 13th November 2020

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Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Storm Eta pounds Cuba with torrential rain on track to Florida

Hurricane Eta: dozens killed by landslides in Central America

Zimbabwe – Deadly Storms and Floods in Manicaland

Mexico – Deadly Floods in South After Heavy Rain From Hurricane Eta

Uganda – Hundreds Hit by Floods in West

Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Cases Top 10 Million

Napier Mayor Kirsten Wise has declared a local state of emergency in Napier due to the widespread flooding

Congo Brazzaville – Over 80 Villages Flooded in Likouala Department

Indonesia – Floods Damage Hundreds of Homes in Aceh

Tropical Storm Eta flooded South Florida overnight, and the rain isn’t stopping

Severe flooding affects more than 83 000 people in the Republic of Congo

Massive floods sweep through eastern Libya

Tropical Storm "Vamco" (Ulysses) to rapidly intensify before striking Philippines

New Zealand – Record Rainfall Causes Flooding in Napier

UK becomes 5th country to exceed 50,000 coronavirus deaths

Greece – Dozens Rescued After Flash Floods in Crete

Typhoon Vamco Leaves Parts of Manila Underwater

Volcanic activity worldwide 11 Nov 2020: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay

Somalia – Over 13,000 Displaced by Floods

Jamaica – Over 280 Roads Damaged by Floods From Tropical Storms Eta and Zeta

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Australia warned it could be isolated over climate inaction after Joe Biden victory

California’s Mega Fires Have Arrived 30 Years Early

A Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Greater Melbourne

Covid recovery plans threaten global climate hopes

Advancing Knowledge of ENSO in a Changing Climate

Risk to life warning over lack of action to make Scotland's infrastructure safe from climate change

Australia will benefit from shift to zero emissions, with no gas required

NSW renewables plan marks a major new moment for climate action in Australia

Latin America and the Caribbean: Policy approaches to climate migration

A review of the sustainable development goals through a climate lens

Epidemic Thunderstorm asthma warning: expected to become more frequent and severe due to climate change

Declining Snow Cover in U.S. Northeast Will Have Major Impacts on Rivers, Study Finds

Climate change: Hurricanes get stronger on land as world warms

Climate change blamed for fall’s super floods in South Florida

Seeing Clouds Clearly: Are They Cooling Us Down or Heating Us Up?

Born in the ice age, humankind now faces the age of fire – and Australia is on the frontline

In India, urban planners anticipate climate change

Record cold and snow engulf California and Nevada, U.S.

Cape Town’s climate strategy isn’t perfect, but every African city should have one

Almost half of thermal coal firms set to defy climate pledge – report

Rising levels of carbon dioxide increasing extreme weather events in Australia, report finds

Australia State of the Climate 2020 Report

Climate change is already here: major scientific report

Pacific Islands: New UNEP programme to support climate resilience through early warning systems

Disaster risk reduction

Planning for Everyone: Closing Gaps in Hazard Mitigation Planning

The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements Report

Putting people first in disaster risk reduction: the mismatch between policy, theory, and practice

Victims and frontline workers say bushfire findings don't go far enough

Cities reboot: Urban life in the age of COVID-19

Exposure model for European seismic risk assessment

Latest edition of ‘Floodplain Manager’ newsletter

Aerial strategies advance volcanic gas measurements at inaccessible, strongly degassing volcanoes

Rising Wildfire Losses Return Insurers to Their Roots

Two different pandemics - EU vs US

'Flood busting' leaky dams installed on Crompton Moor in Oldham

ASFPM Recognizes Excellence in Floodplain Management with 2020 ASFPM Awards

How wetlands can protect China’s coastal communities

Destroyed buildings in İzmir not earthquake resistant, reports show

Deforestation, construction to blame for central Vietnam landslides

Survey on the themes for the Global Platform 2022

Large-scale stochastic flood hazard analysis applied to the Po River

How Probable Is Widespread Flooding in the United States?

New homes in UK’s struggling neighbourhoods disproportionately affected by increase in flood risk from climate change

Bouncing back or bouncing forward? The overlooked role of taxonomies for climate action and pandemic recovery

What historical insured catastrophe losses really mean

South Yorkshire flood review calls for better insurance support

Why insurance matters: insights from research post-disaster

Resilient houses saved assets and lives during the historic flood in Quang Binh province

Can newspaper reporting uncover flood risk?

Identifying communities at risk for impacts of extreme heat

Emergency management

Methodology and Application of Spatial Vulnerability Assessment for Evacuation Shelters in Disaster Planning

Australia: Frequent extreme bushfires as a new reality. Learning how to live with smoke-filled air

Guatemala Mayan villagers tell of harrowing escape from deadly landslide

Odds and evens: a strategy for safely exiting lockdown 2

Steps forward for the Australian Fire Danger Rating System

Proceeds from sale of new Royal Australian Mint coin to be given to Australia’s firefighters

October edition of the Australian Journal for Emergency Management

Flood Emergency Planning for Disaster Resilience Handbook webinar

Collaboration leads to new toolkit for emergency volunteer leaders

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Storytelling and emergency management

Examination of how social media can inform the management of volunteers during a flood disaster

Interactive experience lets app users see weather warnings and analyze their effects on different areas of the map

Be Flood Ready

Citizen Seismology

Using Social Media to Build Community Disaster Resilience

Psychology and disasters

Depressive Symptoms in the Aftermath of Major Disaster: Empirical Test of the Social Support Deterioration Model Using Natural Experiment

Ron Howard Depicts Life After the Camp Fire

Community views on wildfire risk and preparedness in the wildland urban interface

How Much Do Americans Value Their Health During the Pandemic?

Community views on wildfire risk and preparedness in the wildland urban interface

Workplace resilience: leaders by influence and what this means

Preparing for the first summer after bushfire

Hurricane's impact still felt in Texas town

Sociology and disasters

How the climate emergency exacerbates homelessness

Seawalls or Social Recovery? The role of policy networks and design in disaster recovery

Humanitarian data justice: A structural data justice lens on civic technologies in post-earthquake Nepal

Study shows disadvantaged communities may get overlooked for climate adaptation funding

Retrospection, fairness, and economic shocks: how do voters judge policy responses to natural disasters?

Prioritising social equity in disaster recovery and resilience

Bonding, bridging, and linking social capital and social media use: How hyperlocal social media platforms serve as a conduit to access and activate bridging and linking ties in a time of crisis

New solutions to manage uncertain times: how to prevent the collapse of the social fabric and recover together from COVID-19

Shielding the vulnerable using a risk calculator – here’s why it won’t be enough

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